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Don't miss the flowers for the weeds

PERSPECTIVE// It can be so easy to look at the weeds of any situation, the things we don’t want and struggle to control. I think this is no truer than in human relationships

We can get into a weeding mindset with our partner, child, friend, sister, brother,

parent. In this mindset, we point out their problems, the things which infuriate you, everything we think is wrong with them. The more we do this, the blinder we become to their virtues, gifts and strengths.

While it can be tempting to ‘help’ our loved ones with their problems, it rarely leads to good outcomes. Research on feedback in the workplace indicates that people are most motivated to develop and grow when given positive feedback alone or positive feedback alongside corrective feedback.

So let’s water the flowers of our loved ones and watch them prosper and grow.

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