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Your gut has a mind of its own

GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION// We have been aware of the GUT-BRAIN connection for quite some time. The connection is part of our day to day language, phrases like "I went with my gut" "I have butterflies in my tummy" allude to how emotions and thoughts interact through the gut and brain.

In more recent years researchers have gained a far more sophisticated understanding of how the systems interact with each other. In a book called The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food and the New Science of the Gut–Brain Connection (2017), Scott C. Anderson, John F. Cryan and Ted Dinan write about how efforts to change a person's gut bacteria impacts their mood.

When making decisions, research suggests the gut plays an important role in our intuition. Instead of relying on logical reasoning, the gut is led by what your past experiences have taught you. Often this is not conscious. In many ways the gut can be a key to unlocking your inner wisdom.

So next time you are facing a tough decision and your pros and cons list is just not cutting it, try tuning into your gut.

Pretend for a moment you have made the decision, contemplate what this looks like, even say what you have decided out loud.

As you are doing this pay attention to how your body feels, your breath, heart rate, tummy, muscle tension.

Then do the same activity for the alternative path. What did you notice? How did they compare?

Tap into your gut's wisdom.

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