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You are stronger than you know

We all go through challenges in life. With each challenge, we learn something about ourselves, our strengths and how we cope.

A person’s resilience is made up of the skills and strengths they have developed across the trials and tribulations of life. And these skills should not be diminished as less worthy than ‘expert’ advice.

Our own inner understanding of ourselves and capabilities is not something another person can tell us. A therapist can be a guide and support in this journey, but the person who knows you best is you.

No book can tell you which friend to call when you’re going through something because you know they will give you the insight you need. No therapist can tell you whether you are ready to start a business. No amount of research will tell you how to be a parent, it’s something you just have to figure out.

Tapping into our inner knowledge and wisdom can be hard. We forget. We get distracted by what others say and do. We lose confidence from setbacks.

Sometimes we need to intentionally search for our stories of strength. The stories we tell about ourselves matter. When we focus purely on what happened to us without talking about how we got through, the skills and strengths we tapped into and developed, we miss our stories of strength.

Gain an awareness of your inner strengths and skills with these questions:

How did I get through that hard time or challenge? What did I do to get through? What did I learn about myself?

What does this say about the kind of person I am? What values did you hold dear to get yourself through?

How have I grown as a result of overcoming that challenge?

How might I use some of these strengths and skills when approaching future challenges?

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